Admissions Process

Admissions Process

We are now accepting applications for the 2014/2015 school year. Students interested in enrollment are strongly encouraged to apply by November for enrollment in the following year.

While each student’s path to enrolment at Eaton Arrowsmith School (EAS) is unique, the admissions process generally encompasses the following steps:

1. Learning about EAS and the Arrowsmith Program – This can be done by reviewing our website and videos, attending information sessions, reading Howard Eaton’s book “Brain School” and Barbara Arrowsmith Young’s book “The Woman Who Changed Her Brain”, reading some of the research on the Arrowsmith Program, and reading the testimonials on our website. Please also review the descriptions of 19 cognitive areas addressed by the Arrowsmith Program to see if there is a match between your child’s areas of difficulty and the areas described in this list.

2. Contacting EAS – Please contact Admissions Director, Rose McLachlan, by phone 1-844-264-8327 (US and Canadian calls) or 604-264-8327 (International calls) or by email ( with any questions you might have. Rose would be happy to answer your initial questions and then send further information about the next steps in the admissions process.

3. Sending documents (report cards, psych-eds, IEPs, etc.) for review – Although formal documentation of a learning disability is not required for enrolment at EAS, it is helpful for the school to have some information about the student in order to gain a better understanding of the student’s learning profile before the initial meeting.

4. Assessment of fit: a meeting with the Admissions and Education Officer, Luciana Holmes, to review the student’s learning profile – In an in-person or phone/Skype meeting, Luciana will review the student’s learning profile and discuss whether the program might be a good fit. At this point, a space may be offered for the current or upcoming school year (space permitting), or we might ask for further information (which may include a classroom visit) before a decision is made.

5. Student’s visit to the classroom – All potential and new students are encouraged to visit the classroom as part of the enrolment process. For some students, this visit is part of the admissions process in order to ensure that the school can meet the student’s needs, and/or that the student feels comfortable in the classroom. For other students, the visit can occur after enrolment, and serves mainly as an opportunity for the student to get to know some of the students and teachers before they start.

6. Deposit and/or payments to secure a space at EAS – In order to secure a space at EAS, enrolment documents and initial payments are required.  Each year, tuition payments begin in January for the following academic year. (For example, payments begin in January 2013 for the September 2013-June 2014 school year.)  If a student intends to enrol for an upcoming school year before payments begin in January, we will ask for a deposit of $500 to confirm intent to enrol, which will hold the student’s space until payments begin in January.

7. Student’s first day and Arrowsmith Programming Assessment – Space permitting, students are welcome to join Eaton Arrowsmith School at any time throughout the academic year. Because each student’s program is unique and is based on the initial programming assessment, there is no need to worry about “catching up” with the rest of the class.  The Arrowsmith Programming Assessment is administered only after enrolment and will determine which exercises and levels the student will work on first.

Ready to start the admissions process? Please contact Admissions Director, Rose McLachlan at  or phone: 1-844-264-8327 (US and Canadian calls) or 604-264-8327 (International calls) and she will walk you through the steps of the process.


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